GOP health care changes could impact Long Islanders’ coverage

WOODBURY – The replacement of the Affordable Care Act could impact many Long Islanders.

Susana Armentia, a community organizer in Glen Cove, says she relies on Medicaid for health insurance. Republicans want to stop enrollment in a Medicaid expansion program as of 2020. People like Armentia make too much money for regular Medicaid but not enough to pay for coverage on their own […] Continue Reading…

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Trump may keep popular health care law rules

WOODBURY – After making repealing the Affordable Care Act one of the top priorities of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump said Friday that he was open to keeping parts of the law intact.

In an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” that will air on Sunday, President-elect Trump says he does not intend to replace every aspect of his predecessor’s signature health care law […] Continue Reading…

Invenergy Announces Proposal for Long Island’s Largest Renewable Energy Project – Clean Energy Link to Deliver Renewable, Reliable and Affordable Energy for Long Island – / Invenergy Announces Proposal for Long Island’s Largest Renewable Energy Project

Invenergy, the nation’s leading independent developer of renewable energy projects, today announced the largest renewable project ever proposed for Long Island. The project, Clean Energy Link, consists of four new wind and two new solar farms located within the 12-state PJM regional power market, with a combined capacity exceeding 700 megawatts. All the renewable energy from these projects will be joined into a single portfolio and delivered to Long Island from PJM via a new buried HVDC transmission line, ending at a net-zero converter station on Long Island.

The wind and solar projects will be built across more than 55,000 acres in rural areas in multiple states where land is less expensive and more readily available. This innovative portfolio approach provides economies of scale and unprecedented diversification in technology and geography that will deliver residents of Long Island reliable, clean renewable power at the lowest cost possible […] Continue Reading…

Locals Lobby for Cancellation of Trump Rally

The Long Island Progressive Coalition, along with many other local organizations, have called for a stop to the Long Island campaign of Republican candidate Donald Trump. These organizations are lobbying the Suffolk County Republican Party to cancel its upcoming Trump event and plan to protest throughout the week. The Trump rally will take place Thursday at the Patchogue Emporium.

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Lessons Learned That Will Last a Lifetime

Katt Pic

My name is Katherine, and I am currently an intern at LIPC. I study business management and philosophy at Molloy College, and will be graduating in May. I’ve always been interested in politics, which drove me to seek an internship with the Long Island Progressive Coalition

Throughout my studies, I’ve learned the value of placing people, not profits, at the heart of business. As a future business person, I am proud to be working on the Fight for 15 Campaign, which places people, as well as their dignity and well-being, at the heart of the economy.

Long Island is a great place. We have some of the best beaches, we’re close to New York City, we’re home to the Hamptons, and we have some beautiful state parks. When you’re relaxing on the beach, coming home from a day in the city, or hiking on the North Shore, it can be easy to forget that this is also a place of extreme wealth disparity.   

When I first started at LIPC, I didn’t know much about the Fight for 15 Campaign. However, after being involved in outreach efforts at the local train stations, the various state senators’ offices, and the rally in Albany, I discovered that this is truly the issue of our time, and there are many people devoted to making a change. I never knew that faith groups, unions, and other organizations took such an interest in political issues. The most poignant of these experiences was when we delivered petitions to all of the local senators’ offices with Make the Road NY. I was deeply humbled by the people present from Make The Road, many of whom had given up so much to come to the United States, who had to accept low-wage jobs just to survive, yet who were all still so devoted and optimistic about making life better not only for themselves, but for us all. In Albany, a Honduran woman spoke about having been a lawyer in her home country, but coming here to find that the only job available to her was cleaning. Despite all of the crazy hours she had to work to make ends meet, she still made the time to fight for what she believes in. When the minimum wage increase was passed last week, I thought of these people and how much they stand to gain.

All issues stem from the economy.  When people don’t make a fair living wage, they can’t go out to buy from local small businesses. They can’t take part in the many amenities offered to us on Long Island, and they sometimes have to rely on welfare or other social services. For some, it is a choice between food or rent, electricity or transportation, or childcare and heat. It’s a complex issue that contributes to a lower quality of living for us all. With the increased minimum wage, over 300,000 Long Islanders stand to benefit. Buying power island-wide will increase by $2.5 billion dollars. Most importantly, perhaps people will not have to make the difficult decision of which basic necessity they will be able to afford during any given month.

Pope John Paul II once said, “A society will be judged by how it treats its weakest members.” If we do not fight for fair wages, what does that say about our nation? If we do not treat the economically disenfranchised with dignity and respect through fair wages for all of their hard work, then who are we as people? Further, if we do not stand with those fighting for justice, then who will stand with us when we seek justice someday? I think that the biggest takeaway from my time at LIPC is that fighting for increased rights for all, whether it’s through wages, education, raising the age, or fair elections, is not only something that lasts solely for the duration of a semester, it’s something that lasts for life. I’ve learned that it’s not only a rewarding volunteer opportunity or a resume-builder, but it’s a moral obligation to advocate for those seeking a more just state through any means that I can.  I am honored and grateful to have the opportunity to work on causes that I care about, and to work with such a welcoming and passionate staff!

NYC and Long Island groups deliver petition to Governor Cuomo and Senate Majority Leader Flanagan calling for educational funding

Petition With Over 10,000 Signatures Calls for Support of Several Assembly Budget Proposals in Order to Combat Poverty and Institutionalized Racism

(Long Island, NY) A group of supporters representing nearly 10,000 petition signers gathered Wednesdaymorning at both Governor Cuomo and Senate Majority Leader Flanagan’s office to demand funding for education Continue reading “NYC and Long Island groups deliver petition to Governor Cuomo and Senate Majority Leader Flanagan calling for educational funding”