GOP health bill passage leaves questions, concerns on LI

LEVITTOWN – There are still questions and concerns to be addressed as a result of the Republican health care bill passing through the House of Representatives.

Susan Pescador, of Levittown, has a pre-existing medical condition. So does her 30-year-old nephew. She says he was diagnosed with cancer five years ago and that the Affordable Care Act saved his life. She now fears that he, and others like him, will be kicked off their health insurance and denied coverage under “Trumpcare.” […] Continue Reading…

On the road: A 2016 political diary

When Republicans lose an election, they simply continue in attack mode. When Democrats lose an election, we are supposed to do soul-searching. To me, this angst is yet another political double standard.
Tonight, I attend a meeting sponsored by the Bellmore-Merrick Democratic Club which will spotlight the usual election post-mortem and look towards the future. How do you win a presidential election? You start with the basics. So here I am, listening to our local talent and observing […] Continue Reading…

Stand Up to Trump’s Hateful Agenda!

Pathogue Trump protest photo

The movement to fight Trump’s hateful agenda will take all of us. We need you to sign the pledge against his agenda and indicate what type of actions you are ready to take. An LIPC organizer will be in touch! Let’s get moving.

Will you join us?

We need to stand united against Trump’s racism, sexism, Islamophobia and homophobia. We must stand up to Trump’s plan to destroy our environment, social safety net and public schools. We must stand up to Trump’s economic betrayal that gives to the 1% at the expense of all of us, and stand up for peace, not war.

Sign the Pledge Now to Stand Up to Trump’s Hateful Agenda