Dan’s View: We’re Covered!

On Saturday February 1st we, at LIPC, can say We Got Covered!

Dan FingasThe fight for expanded access for affordable care has been a long one in the United States.  There are been elected officials, like my former Congressman John Dingell (D-Michigan) who have been working on it for more than 50 years.

Congressman Dingell and others of his time were true leaders who saw that living in a modern democratic republic with as much wealth as we have as country should mean that no man, woman, or child should want for medical services when they are sick or hurt and a doctor to help keep them from getting sick.

That’s why so many in America were fighting for the passage of the Affordable Care Act when President Obama had his chance to make healthcare for all,  a reality.  I know that I was working hard in Michigan for that goal and that Long Island Progressive Coalition was lobbying elected officials, holding rallies, and energizing Long Islanders for passage of the ACA.

On March 23, 2010 the dream of affordable care became a reality.  It was an exciting time and the culmination of the activism of hundreds of thousands across the nation.  Change of that magnitude is a difficult task and our federal government definitely struggled with it this last fall.  But the importance of the measure far outweighed the headaches of implementation.

In December, LIPC staff and our Board looked into our ACA options and found that the Small Business Exchange was going to be perfect fit for our needs.  As a small staff living across Long Island we found the program that really worked for us all and met the needs of the organization.

So this weekend we officially enter the Small Business Exchange and become just 6 of the 9 million people now covered by federal healthcare.