Flip Flip Flip


The Long Island Progressive Coalition endorses NYS Senate and Congressional candidates



This Midterm election will probably be the highest turnout in decades across the country and here on Long Island. The stakes have never been higher. The fate of this country and the fate of New York State is in the hand of voters and once again Long Island will be at the center of it all.

The destructive politics of President Trump has brought this country back 50 years by destroying the environment, vilifying and deporting immigrants, gutting the health care system, attacking unions and so much more. Voters are primed and ready to go to the polls to protect Long Island from Trump’s racist, hate-filled agenda. These voter won’t be able to vote out Trump but they will be able to vote for the future of the US Congress. Now is the time to Flip Flip Flip.

The destructive politics of NY Senator Flanagan and the Senate Republicans have been holding this state hostage for decades. We need leadership in the Senate that will pass legislation that improves Long Islanders’ lives, that makes New York State a champion in climate change action, education equity, ethics reform, public financing of elections and so much more. Now is the time to Flip Flip Flip.

The Long Island Progressive Coalition believes that the following candidates will be crucial in representing Long Island against President Trump and Senator Flanagan’s disastrous agendas and are receiving our endorsement:

CD 1: Perry Gershon
To volunteer, please call: 631-364-9828


CD 2: Liuba Gretchen-Shirley
To volunteer, please call: Kevin: 845- 264-7031


NYS District #2: Kathleen Cleary
To volunteer, please call: 631-827-3328


NYS District #3: Monica Martinez  
To volunteer, please call: 631-439-0403


NYS District #4: Lou D’Amaro
To volunteer, please call Kevin: 516-242-6941


NYS District #5: Jim Gaughran
To volunteer, please call Mario: 516-232-4906


NYS District #6: Kevin Thomas
To volunteer, please call Tam: 202-815-5065


NYS District #7: Anna Kaplan
To volunteer, please call: 516-366-0923


NYS District #8: John Brooks
To volunteer, please call: 516-308-2665


NYS District #9: Todd Kaminsky
To volunteer, please call Hallie: 516-508-2115