Volunteering with Long Island Progressive Coalition

Advance your college career while saving the world!

Earn college credit while making a positive difference in people’s lives. Many departments and programs will apply your internship to real credits in your field.

Help create real change.

We believe another world is possible and we work everyday to help create that world. We have a 31-year long commitment to advancing social, economic, and racial justice in a significant way. We’re not into band-aid solutions. We want to fundamentally shift the balance of power so that we can make lasting change.

Help make the news instead of just watching it.

Our many issues and dedicated members have garnered attention in the New York Times, Daily News, Newsday, and every television and radio news outlet in New York! Through our reports, press conferences, and demonstrations we make sure media attention stays on the issues that impact most working people.

No administrative busy work.

Get real hands-on knowledge of the exciting and rewarding world of grassroots organizing. Leave with a multitude of skills you’ll be able to take with you everywhere.

Create your own schedule.

We know the life of a student these days is hectic. That’s why we create a dynamic work plan around your job and school schedule and consider your learning needs and professional goals.

Build your professional network.

Where else can you build relationships with community members, activists, politicians, and business leaders all at the same time?

Want to Volunteer Your time?

Please fill out the  LIPC Volunteer Form and Contact Nia at nadams@lipc.org.