#GivingTuesday: Today Change Begins Again

Daily, I drive across Long Island to the office of The Long Island Progressive Coalition, I pass a few farms, the oldest general store on the Island, and the corridor of Middle Country Road near Caleb Smith Park during fall is brilliantly filled with a massive array of beautiful colors and ​is proof to myself of why Long Island is a special place to call home. Alas, there is another side of living here n the Island, as on this same commute I pass empty storefronts, zombie homes, and main streets that have seen better days. There is racial and economic divide, schools miles apart that are so radically different financially, it is truly mind boggling. My commute takes me through the two Long Islands, when in reality there should be One Island and One community.

Myself, I help work for change, I came to the Long Progressive Coalition knowing of the great work being done here, this past year alone we have worked on such exciting projects as The Fight For $15, we work to bring equal education to all our students, and we work to bring affordable housing to all that live here. Simply put we work to make a better Long Island for all. A good definition of progress: going forward or onward; passing successively from one member of a series to the next. As a person whom just became a first time father, why would I not want to leave this Island a better place for my child? It is why we do our work, to bring the community forward.

Today, is Giving Tuesday and beginning today we are starting a campaign to raise funds to allow us to continue our fine work. Our goal is to raise additional funds over the course of the next week to prepare us for the challenges we face in 2016.  Your membership and donations allow us to reach such goals, it allows us to help you, the community, your community, your neighbors, and your children. We ask you help us improve Long Island. Help us prepare to make 2016 a year for all of us on Long Island, let’s make the image of two Long Island into One.

I thank you for your time and your efforts,

Kind regards,

John Delaney, LIPC Office Administrator

If you like to become or renew your Membership to the Long Island Progressive Coalition please see the attach sheet or call the LIPC office at 516-541-1006×10 or

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