LIPC is organizing the local campaign of the statewide Alliance For Quality Education. We believe that every public school should provide a quality education to all its students by having smaller classes, qualified teachers, safe clean and technologically up to date classrooms, and early childhood education programs.

Government Efficiency

LIPC's Government Efficiency Project works to reduce the tax burden through consolidation and elimination of wasteful, dysfunctional special taxing districts. The nation's highest property taxes and abusive local government can become burdens of the past.


Power Up Communities is an exciting program of the Long Island Progressive Coalition that delivers the promise of a new green economy for ALL of our communities. We make good on the promise by weatherizing homes to make them more energy efficient and save homeowners' money, while helping our environment.

Sustainable Development

We see representative government as a way for a democratic community to control its own destiny. That means prioritizing human needs over corporate needs, at home and abroad.

Fair Elections 2012

It’s time Albany finally returns to government of, by, and for the people – not government bought and paid for by the special interests. As long as politicians are accountable to the corporations and lobbyists who finance their campaigns, they’re never going to be accountable to the people who elected them.