Isaias Failure, Blizzard Disaster In Texas Puts Pressure On Long Island Utilities To Reform

By Alek Lewis (WSHU/February 23, 2021)

Growing support for a public option to power Long Island is expected to lead talks before the deadline of any utility contract next month.

Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) will choose whether to renew its contract with PSEG Long Island after the utility company’s failed response to Tropical Storm Isaias last summer. LIPA is also considering a new contract with a different company or restructuring the quasi-public company as a fully public authority. That would shift control of energy distribution to LIPA.

“We truly believe that a LIPA that prioritizes equity, community, workers and meaningful democratic participation can raise all boats and prepare us for our future on this land,” said Lisa Tyson, the director of Long Island Progressive Coalition, during a forum hosted by the group on Monday.

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