Long Island Progressive Network

All across Long Island a powerful progressive movement is growing with people and organizations who are dedicated to creating positive change. We all see ourselves as part of this movement, but too often we are disjointed, focusing on our own specific issues rather than working collaboratively towards a big picture goal. The Long Island Progressive Network brings together dozens of progressive organizations and serves as a place for these groups to communicate and coordinate as we work together to build a sustained progressive movement on Long Island.

The LI Progressive Network meets regularly throughout the year to share campaign updates, plan joint actions, and coordinate progressive campaigns. The highlight of our 3 year history was the Progressive Vision for Long Island: Organizing For Success Conference. This conference, held at Stony Brook University, brought together 200 Long Island progressive leaders from 43 organizations to learn real hands on organizing skills, be educated on important issues facing Long Island, have conversations on how the progressive movement on Long Island can grow and better, and motivational speakers to excite the attendees. The LI Progressive Network also hosts several social happy hours throughout the year for networking and community building.

Right now the LI Progressive Network continues to meet and grow as we continue to face the challenges and political realities of Long Island. The LI Progressive Network is beginning its plans for winning progressive policy change through engagement in the 2018 legislative sessions and electoral fights.

For more information, contact Lisa Tyson at ltyson@lipc.org or 516-541-1006 x11.