LI Resistance

Like you, we were shocked by Trump’s election—and even more horrified to see him win the vote in Long Island. Like you, we’re ready to take action to oppose Trump’s agenda on the local level and build the power we need to fight him on the national level.

The LIPC is already leading the fight:

  • When Trump came to Brentwood to stoke anti-immigrant violence and racism, we stood with local immigrant groups to organize massive demonstrations to meet him.
  • When dozens of resistance groups popped up post-election, we hosted free conferences and workshops to share strategies and build solidarity
  • When the 9th Assembly District held a special election in May, we got out the vote to elect Christine Pellegrino, the district’s first-ever Democrat, in a massive upset that made national news.

We’ve been resisting Trump since before he was president, and there’s no place we’d rather fight his agenda than in Long Island. When healthcare, the climate, or just old fashioned Human

Rights are under attack, you know we’ll be there to defend them, anchoring Long Island’s diverse community of activist groups.

We know you’re looking for concrete ways to stand up against injustice. Your donation to LIPC will make a key difference and connect you to amazing organizers standing up to Trump and the alt-right in your own zip code.

We need your help

There’s a lot of work to do, and not many people to do it. We’ve been working with only four full-time staff. With more and more individuals and organizations joining the Resistance, our role as an anchor group for progressive action will become only more important. Will you support our long-term work and help us fight Trump’s agenda to 2018 and beyond?

If you’re like us, you find it hard to watch the news and stay informed without losing hope these days. The only cure we’ve found so far is to take action.

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