LI schools jockey for state aid in annual fight for a larger share


By John Hildebrand

Westbury and Brentwood school leaders aired a long list of troubles on Wednesday — everything from overcrowded classes to losses of lunch time — as part of a statewide campaign aimed at generating more state funding for districts that serve large numbers of low-income families.

At Westbury Middle School, which has chronic problems with overcrowding, a visiting group of state lawmakers and others saw classrooms set up in a basement, throngs of students jamming hallways and teachers working in cubicles lining both sides of a narrow passage. Visitors also heard from students themselves.

“I think the classrooms should be smaller — not in size, but in numbers of students,” said Katherine Hendricks, 13, an eighth-grader. “There’s a math class of, like, 31 students, and it’s hard for the teacher to meet individual needs.”

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