No Bid, No Coincidence? Campaign Contributions and the Awarding of No-Bid Contracts in Nassau County

The Public Policy and Education Fund of New York in cooperation with The Research and Education Project of Long Island

October, 2000

Nassau County is in crisis. In the midst of an economic boom one of the wealthiest counties in the nation is on the verge of bankruptcy. Financial decisions are being driven by an outside financial authority imposed by New York State, as a condition of a $100 million State bail out. The County has already made more than $100 million of dollars in cuts in vital services, including reducing the number of police by 200 and reducing hundreds of other positions such as corrections officers, parks staff and public health nurses. Essential community programs have been slashed, including a $4.5 million cut in United Way funding, and reductions in services to emotionally disturbed children and anti-gang programs. Hundreds of millions of dollars in additional service cuts and tax increases are being debated by the County Legislature, County Executive and even the Governor…

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