Meeting with Long Island Progressive Coalition

By: Virginia Gerardi

Topic: Reviving the co-housing initiative. Years ago, a group of coalition members formed to explore reclaiming the Bulova Watch case factory as a co-housing community. As often happens, lack of human resources and other obstacles resulted in the group disbanding. Once again, a property has been identified with community development potential. Bill Chaleff, a member of the LIPC, invited me along to present the vision and budget for developing the property on the corner of Joel’s Lane in Sag Harbor. Three other members in attendance asked questions about the co-housing concept and about the property in particular.  All are aware of the zoning variances that will be required to build our desired number of living spaces and of the resistance on the part of the entrenched elites in town gov’t toward middle and lower income people residing here.

A public forum was suggested to raise awareness, and methods of publicizing that were presented by the members. A big project, worth doing, step by step.