Schneiderman picks up progressive backing in AG race

Thursday September 2, 2010 2:44 PM By William Murphy

Pictured is Lisa Tyson, director of the Long

AG candidate Eric Schneiderman continues his apparent Democratic primary strategy of identifying every group that tilts the slightest degree to the left, wrestling them to the ground and extracting an endorsement.

Thursday’s groups included the Long Island Progressive Coalition, Local 259 of the United Auto Workers, and 1119 SEIU, representing health and hospital workers.

About 20 members of those groups wave Schneiderman signs and cheered thinly in the hot, humid weather at a news conference outside state Supreme Court in Mineola.

“We are so proud to endorse Eric Schneiderman, the true progressive in the race for attorney general,” Lisa Tyson, director of the LI Progressive Coalition said. “As a lifelong progressive reformer, there is no question where Eric stands on the issues.”

Universal Health Care Bill


New York Health: Universal Coverage for New York
A.3571/S.5611 – Sponsored by Richard Gottfried,
Chair of the Assembly Health Committee,
and Senator Eric Schneiderman

What’s Covered?
New York Health covers all preventive, primary and hospital care, and also includes coverage for dental care, eye care, prescription drugs, mental health and treatment for substance abuse.

Who’s Covered?
All residents of New York would be covered under one health care plan. Coverage is independent of work, health, age or income.

What Do I Pay?
There are no out-of-pocket costs: no co-payments, deductibles or coinsurance. And no extra bills from health care providers.

What Does It Cost?
Less than New York spends now. That’s because New York Health eliminates billions of dollars of administrative waste now spent by hundreds of insurance plans setting up different billing rules, review procedures and accounting games with thousands of New York health care providers. Future cost increases are tied to the growth of New Yorker’s incomes.

How’s Is it Paid For?
New York Health uses the money that the government now spends on these same health care services, from Medicaid, Medicare and other local, state and federal health care services. In addition, a commission will determine another funding source that is fair and affordable, and builds upon the current funding that employers and employees pay for health coverage.

Where do I go For Care?
Under New York Health the consumer chooses his or her own doctor, other health care professional, hospital, HMO or health center. The health care provider will be paid directly by New York Health.

How do Health Care Providers Get Paid?
Individual health care providers have a choice of payment methods. Most payments would be a fee-for-service. Providers could also choose a set payment for each patient or be a salaried employee of a hospital or clinic. Hospitals and other institutional providers are on global budgets, which include all their operating costs. Expenditures for new buildings or equipment are approved separately.

How’s It Run?
By a Board of Governors made up of representatives of consumers, business, labor, hospitals, doctors and non-physician health care professionals.

Call your state representatives and tell them to sign on to NY Health Bill today!!!