Small Business Health Care Press Event

By Julia Ryan

Survey: L.I. Small Business Owners Support Healthcare Reform

New York Small Business United for Health Care released a report Thursday in Massapequa that shows that New York small business owners want health reform and the possibility of a public health insurance plan.

The report, The Pulse of Main Street New York: Small Businesses, Health Insurance, and Views on Reform was based on surveys of more than 200 New York small business owners from New York City, Long Island, Albany, Binghamton and Buffalo. Based on the findings, small business owners are willing to contribute 4-7 percent of payroll to a public health insurance plan. Small business owners also said that they want more public oversight and government regulation in the insurance industry.

Margaret Petrucco, the co-owner of the Quilting Bug in Massapequa, said that real changes will have to happen to current health care programs if the government wants small businesses to recover.

“This health care mess we’re in is a major roadblock to economic recovery,” said Petruccco. The country is looking to small businesses to create jobs and help revitalize our economy. “We need a real health care fix to fulfill that promise.”

New York Small Business United for Health Care collaborated with the Long Island Progressive Coalition for the report. Jonathan Grindell, the community organizer for the Long Island Progressive Coalition (LIPC), said that healthcare reform is crucial because small businesses play an important role on LI.

“Small businesses are the backbone of the economy,” said Grindell. “Better healthcare puts small business employees in a better state of mind, so they can do better work.”

The release of the small businesses report coincides with the U.S. Senate Finance Committee’s recent decision to start marking up new healthcare legislation. According to Grindell, the LIPC will be sending a busload of people to Washington D.C. sometime in the near future to lobby Congress for higher-quality, more affordable health care.

LIPC is a local affiliate of Citizen Action of New York. Small Business United for Health Care is affiliated with the national Main Street Alliance, an association of small business groups in 12 states across America.
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