Jonathan Grindell Bio

Jonathan Grindell was born in the Five Towns and spent his high school years in Long Beach.  He became inspired by social justice struggles during his time as an undergrad student at Pennsylvania State University, where he earned a BA in Telecommunications.  His inherent feminism eventually led him to embrace animal liberation.

While at Penn State, Jonathan was also a part of The Village.  The Village formed after the school administration was not actively confronting racial death threats aimed at students of color.  As a result, he was involved in the occupation of the student union building for a 9-day period that led to more diversity programs being offered by the university.

Jonathan joined the Peace Corps to promote Sustainable Development in Nicaragua.  Following his service, he was accepted into Arizona State University’s Global Technology & Development graduate program where he earned his MS in Science & Technology.  His master’s thesis examined the notion of global community and how technology enables community members to organize without borders.  His case study was the animal rights movement.

Currently, Jonathan volunteers with Long Island Food Not Bombs.  He helps pick-up and distribute food to the hungry each Sunday in Hempstead.
Jonathan joined the staff of LIPC in March of 2007, where he is currently working on the Repowering Campaign. Jonathan can be reached at 516-541-1006 ext.15 or