Tell Rep. Kathleen Rice to vote YES on Build Back Better!




I’m calling to ask you to keep your promise to vote “yes” on the Build Back Better Act.

Not only is the legislative package extremely popular with voters in your district, it also contains provisions that will help millions of everyday people across the state and country.

We’re counting on you to vote “yes” on Build Back Better — our lives depend on it.

Thank you.


The House Majority has finally agreed upon a Build Back Better package, and is poised to vote on it when they return to Washington following their Veterans’ Day Week recess. It contains many provisions that will help millions of everyday people and families who need health care, prescription drugs, child care, preschool, home care, paid leave and housing during the ongoing pandemic and economic recession. Importantly, it will also invest in climate justice.

Rep. Kathleen Rice (NY-4, Nassau) has been holding up the Build Back Better package all along, but she released a statement last week that says she will support it when it comes to a vote provided there are no major substantive changes or any new financial analysis.

Long Island needs her to keep her promise and vote YES on the Build Back Better Act.

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