Time to Tell the NYS Public Service Commission to End Cable Monopolies

Let’s face it: in today’s world, we all need internet access, not just telephone service. If you want to start a small business, keep up in school, or look for a job, you need to be online. But not all internet access is created equal, especially when your cable company is a monopoly.

FiOS, Verizon’s state of the art fiber optic network, breaks your local cable monopoly on internet, phone and TV. But Verizon is cherry-picking where to build FiOS — and most of New York is getting left in the high-speed-internet dust.

Access to reliable, affordable phone and internet shouldn’t be determined by the luck of where you live, or how wealthy your neighbors are. Access is more crucial than ever. That’s why we need FiOS throughout the State.

We’ve seen almost 40 years of deregulatory fever. Now, all of us are at the mercy of giant telecommunications companies. They decide who gets — and doesn’t get — quality service, while charging steep prices that just keep rising. Outside of the New York City metro area, internet speeds are akin to those in parts of the Appalachia, and prices are too high throughout the state. [1] If Verizon keeps cherry-picking wealthier areas to build FiOS, and cable keeps its monopoly, that won’t change.

Check out video from the Brookhaven Town Hall on Cable Monopoly: