John’s View: Long Island is My Future; will you help Move It Forward?

John’s View: Long Island is My Future; will you help Move It Forward?


What does Long Island mean to you? Does it mean a place with a quality education for your children and grandchildren? Does it mean being able to afford a home or apartment in the town you grew up in? Or, perhaps it means breathing in fresh ocean air, having clean water to swim and fish in; an Island where you can live to dream of the future?

Growing up on Long Island, I have seen so much change in the last thirty years. My apprehension is that  the concrete wave of New York City is slowly engulfing the suburbs and the remaining woods and farmlands once dominate on this island will soon be gone. There are many worries I have for this Island.  I fear the brown tide that wreaks havoc on our coastal line; I fear our children are being left behind and I fear that building has become a priority and restoration as all but been forgotten.

But alas, as I fear for our future, I can still visualize the possibility of what is to come.  River otters that have disappearedfrom our rivers and streams will return once again to make their homes.  Farmer markets will thrive in multiple towns and parents, families, and activists will work together to ensure our children will receive the good quality education they deserve. Take a stroll around Stony Brook Campus, once a maze of concrete, it has become beautiful and sustainable, a place where an island resurgence has begun. Our island is set for a revitalization, one of social, economics, and sustainability.

My future is Long Island and it is why I work at the Long Island Progressive Coalition, this is why the LIPC fights for the future of this island, to move Long Island forward.
To continue this necessary work, the LIPC needs your help.
Your donations are our lifeblood, our way of organizing, creating jobs for the future, and helping act as a leader for the Long Island progressive landscape.

I ask that you to become a sustaining member; a $10 a month donation can give LIPC the opportunity to grow stronger, create jobs, and fight corruption that occurs on this island daily, to make sure you and future generations of Long Islanders can continue to call this island home.

Please consider becoming a sustaining member of LIPC for $10 a month.  Together we can Move Long Island Forward.

John H. Delaney, Office Administrator