Views From 90 Penn: “A time for Social Media to be Progressive”


G Berkenfeld Photo

My name is Gabrielle Berkenfeld and I am currently an intern for the Long Island Progressive Coalition (LIPC). I am a sophomore at Syracuse University and majoring in sociology at the moment. While I am not sure if sociology is exactly what I want to major in, it does allows me to open my eyes and look at all the possibilities that the world has to offer. My internship at the LIPC this summer has allowed me to experience something new and gain an understanding of working for an organization that works so hard to help others. The LIPC works on many different projects, such as Education, PowerUp Communities and Fair Elections to ensure that the people on Long Island are treated equally and live in a safe environment. In order to make that all possible the LIPC needs a way to communicate to others the issues they are dealing with and how people can lend a hand.


Social media has a big impact on many different types of organizations. In today’s society people rely so much on technology and are constantly checking the two most used social media sites: Facebook and Twitter. On June 25th, I accompanied Dan Fingas, LIPC’s Organizing Director to a social media workshop at Hofstra University for a company called Sprout Social. Sprout Social is a website that allows you to connect your organization’s social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Sprout Social also allows you to see all the statistics from all your different sources of social media. It can help your organization figure out the most appropriate time to post on social media and when people are most likely going to share or like the news or information that is being posted. Sprout Social is a whole new way to make sure you get people to notice what is being posted and get the word out there about important events or meetings coming up.


By using Sprout Social the Long Island Progressive Coalition can be “Progressive” in the way they utilize information and make sure their social media sites are getting their point across to exactly the right people. At the workshop, I learned that an organization shouldn’t just post once a week they should be posting 3-5 times a week. In order to post 3-5 times a week there should be a schedule planned out of exactly what an organization wants to post and when they want to post. Sprout Social allows you to set a day and an exact time for your post so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself all the time.


At any organization, the whole staff should be taking care of posting on social media rather than just one person. This way it allows for others who are reading your posts to see different voices/opinions/events/meetings coming from everyone which ensures a definite way to be “Progressive” all together.


So far, being an intern at the Long Island Progressive Coalition I have been immersed in many different causes that  I wasn’t previously aware off and I now see why the LIPC works so diligently for or against these issues.  By using Sprout Social and different social media sites, I think the LIPC will be more “Progressive” and definitely benefit from trying to spread awareness about the different causes/issues that they are working on to everyone using social media.


In order to find out more about these important issues and ways of helping out you can Like the Long Island Progressive Coalition page on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @LIProgress.