An Intern’s view: Media on Long Island

An Intern’s view: Media on Long Island
Hi! My name is Rita and I’m an intern here at the Long Island Progressive Coalition.  This is the first of a number of blogs we’ll be posting on our site. Currently, I am a childhood education major with a concentration in sociology at LIU Post on Long Island. I am an avid tweeter and lover of pop-culture blogs. Now that I have properly introduced myself, I’d like to get to writing about what I have been thinking about since I started interning here two weeks ago.
I have journal entries to write as a part of this internship, and one of the questions I am currently answering is about the mass media and how it affects LIPC. When speaking with Dan, our organizing director, he raised an interesting point that had me thinking- how and what does the media report to us “consumers” as we sit and watch the news during dinner or as we read our daily newspaper? In one of my sociology classes, I learned that the media tells us what they want us to know. It’s obvious of course that we do not get the whole story, and sometimes what we’re told is misconstrued, but we listen anyway because, we think, what choice do we have?
I watch News 12 in the morning while I enjoy my blueberry muffin, and it being Long Island’s local news station, I expect to hear news relating to my community. I am informed about what is going on, but what do newscasters typically report? When perusing the Long Island homepage on their website, I realize I am only being told about the assaults, violent robberies, and chemicals in my drinking water. Why is it that nothing on the homepage is positive? I know for a fact that the students at the local schools are constantly receiving awards and the student-run groups at local colleges are doing community service to try to make Long Island a better place. Why is this not on the homepage? Does media think we only want to be bombarded with the negatives? I encourage Long Islanders to explore the websites of your local news stations to discover the good that is happening in your community. There is information about education, and there are family friendly events in your town that may not be on the front page online or in the breaking news segment on the television.
The mass media has a huge affect on our society and how we work here at LIPC. Currently, an issue that we’re working on is that of fair elections. There are many facets of an election process that we, as media consumers on LI, do not see. We don’t go behind the scenes, and we trust our media providers do this for us. I think it is so important to read up on the issues that we care about, especially those affecting us here on Long Island.