Views From 90 Penn: Social Justice and Education

Sam Head Shot


LIU Post Senior Samantha Capofarri

My name is Samantha; I am currently an intern at the Long Island Progressive Coalition. I am graduating from Long Island University in May with a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and a minor in Sociology. As a future teacher I am truly passionate about equality in education and society as a whole. When Dr. Heather Parrott offered me this internship I was really nervous at first. Once my first day came around and I met everyone at LIPC I was beyond excited to begin working with the organizer’s of LIPC and Alliance for Quality Education, I knew from the start that we had similar goals in mind, not only for quality education but for the entire Long Island community.

In the past few weeks of this internship I really learned a lot about how LIPC helps our Long Island community and citizens in struggling Long Island areas. Currently I am working on promoting the Rev.Barber Speech, this event was held at Stony Brook University on April 28th. Rev.Barber is the president of the North Carolina NAACP and the founder of the Moral Mondays Movement. Moral Mondays is a social justice movement that has taken hold across the country and calls for economic justice and government accountability. While making the phone calls to invite members of the community to this event, I learned so much from the people on the other end of the phone. Hearing how passionate the citizens in our community were about bringing this movement to Long Island really opened my eyes to the importance of community involvement. If we want something to happen or to see a change we need the support of our community. Having the support of the community is what makes movements, like the Moral Monday Movement, successful.

The next campaign I began working on was for the Alliance for Quality Education. The AQE fights for quality education in every school district regardless of its location. As a future Early Childhood educator I am passionate about what the AQE fights for. Education is the foundation of our future, therefore it should be of the best quality. Unfortunately there are many school districts in need of aid that aren’t receiving the aid and support they need to provide that quality education all students deserve. Most students, at some point in their school career don’t feel completely satisfied with their education quality and learning experience. If schools, students, and parents work together to improve the quality of education that students are receiving then students will have an easier time getting the education that they deserve. In the past few weeks I have gained so much for my future education career from working with the AQE.

As a young woman, finishing my degree and hoping to one day make the differences in education and the well-being of our Long Island community, I will always be committed to making progressive changes that will benefit Long Island. The real world can seem like a scary place. College is supposed to prepare you to enter it but academia can leave a lot of gaps. A great strategy for becoming more prepared for this challenging life event in my opinion is to get an internship. Having an internship and mentors to guide you on your new journey in life provides a hands on experience that can only come from someone who’s done it all before. The people I have worked with so far at LIPC have provided me with so much information and knowledge to take with me after I graduate and enter the real world.